Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Pathway of Life

Written by Sylvia

As you travel the pathway of life,
don't trample the flowers beneath your feet and if you dare,
stop a while, gaze upon them in their splendor.
Breathe deeply, smell the bouquet of the tender blossoms they bare .

As you travel the pathway of life,
pause a second and look at the reflection in the mirror.
What do you see; the person you have become,
or the person you strive to be, can it be any clearer.

As you travel the pathway of life,
take time to thank God for the things He has provided,
and the many blessings He has bestowed upon you;
no longer to worry about matters left undecided.

As you travel the pathway of life,
for just one brief moment, forget the misery in the world.
Contemplate the goodness in your fellowman,
and not the evil you see them begin to unfurl.

As you travel the pathway of life,
Stop and say hello to a stranger today, give it a try.
Watch their eyes light up and sparkle with a glow,
that can only be extinguished if you pass them by.

As you travel the pathway of life,
relish the time you spend with your family and friends.
Life is too short not to take delight in them while they are here.
Set your priorities, for one day their precious life will end.

As you travel the pathway of life,
spread a blanket beneath that majestic old oak tree with care.
See the initials etched with fondness; hear the secrets his leaves whisper.
Savor the memories left behind for you and that old tree to share.

As you travel the pathway of life,
I hope you can hear what my words are saying to you.
Use the time God has given to you on earth,
and focus on the really important things in your life to pursue.

Copyright © 2007 Sylvia A. Feeley All Rights Reserved


Gene Bach said...

Very, very nice Sylvia! Great poem.


talj said...

Hi Sylvia, you write beautifully!! I am linking to your site from mine and will be sure to check back again very soon!

I wanted to drop by and say thank you so much for supporting myself and Andrew via your post on Ruths blog! We are extremely grateful appreciate you taking the time to help in the fundraising!

{{{HUGS}} and love,

Natalya (talj) xx

Jam said...

great and beautiful poem.

Anonymous said...
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