Monday, November 24, 2008

Madness of Addiction

written by Sylvia (Double Acrostic Form)

Must you be so cunning and full of gloom?
Always lurking, with your own agenda.

Down into a hell, I will descend.
Nothing can stop the pain,
Every nerve hurting and on fire.
Slayer of souls, leaving nothing but debris.
Surrender just a second away, my extreme loss.

Outward signs of you, as you practice voodoo.
Fearful that you will take away my God, my belief.

Addict is my name, if only I had amnesia!

Doubt fills me as I try to comprehend.
Demons unleashed!
Ignorance, my soul filled with graffiti,
Captured by your aphrodisiac.

Take your goods and relent.
Impulse uncontrolled as you apply your stimuli.
Only another addict can understand, you psycho!
Never will I be free from you I portend

Copyright © 2008 Sylvia A. Feeley All Rights Reserved

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