Monday, November 17, 2008

Alone and Empty

Written by Sylvia

So alone and filled with emptiness,
no one here to comfort me today,
hold me in their arms, give me a hug,
whisper in my ear, things are going to be okay.

Weary of starting my life over.
Dusting myself off, moving on, no control.
Smiling, pain and doubt still there,
making their home in my heart and soul.

Beaten so far down this time, I'm defeated,
struggling to find my way through debris.
As I take a step forward,
pain and doubt come back to visit me.

Weary of taking care of myself,
hear my plea; take care of me for now.
Tired of making decisions alone,
come be with me as much as time will allow.

Others do not understand, my friend.
They think I should move on and forget.
Pretend that nothing happened to me,
and that I am not filled with regret.

No appreciation for the grief I feel,
not grief over him or our marriage, all in a blur,
grief because part of my soul has died,
and grief because I let it occur.

No one to listen to my feelings,
or hear the words spoken from my heart.
Embarrassment is their reaction,
they turn away from me with a start.

Why can't they realize that at this time in my life,
no response or advice is needed.
My longing, please someone hear my voice,
know my world at the moment, alone and empty, unheeded.

Copyright © 2008 Sylvia A. Feeley All Rights Reserved


Elsie said...

This is really beautiful, Sylvia

RUTH said...

I'd never visited this blog before...wonderful poetry and for different reasons this one touched me especially